Saturday, 25 June 2011

Luther episode 2.2

Episode 2 of the new series picks up where the last one left off. Ripley has been kidnapped by the Punch killer and Luther has to find him.
Actually Luther is a bit busy. As well as dealing with the Ripley situation and foiling Punch's next plot he gets a phone call from the mother of the girl he rescued from the sex people in the previous episode. He pops around to her apartment and gets a nail hammered through his hand to get his attention. Some Bad People want him to silence a guy in witness protection. If he doesn't they will kill the mother and the girl he rescued - the one currently handcuffed to Mark's chair.

You see, when I type that out it sounds silly. But while I'm watching it I enjoy it.

So Luther has to find the witness protection guy and tells him to amend his statement. Then it's back to the Ripley situation. Eventually they work out Punch's plan which I won't spoil in case you've not seen the episode, but it is a bit chilling.

By now the episode is almost over, but where is Alice Morgan. It's why I'm watching after all! Luther gets back to his crummy flat and sure enough there is Alice waiting for him. She's obviously used the key card we almost glimpsed in the apple last week. She still wants to run off into the sunset with Luther but he says no. I wonder if such refusals will annoy her...

Overall an entertaining episode but I would have liked to have seen Alice break out of the secure hospital. There's an episode right there. Remember in the first series when she impersonated a doctor, started a fire, lured away a police guard, all so she could kill the serial killer who woke up from the coma?

And now that I've typed it I see that it all sounds a little silly. But it's pure entertainment.

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  1. Your character is impressive. You are 10/10.

    Greetings from Spain.